Theatre Black is a dark city, seeming to cycle from dusk to dawn and back again, without ever passing through day. The buildings, Gothic in their design, loom over cobblestone streets, seemingly bent and distorted. No path or alleyway is straight and all are aplenty with confusing forks or abrupt dead ends. The whole Nightmarescape seems like Tim Burton designed a German expressionist version of old London.

The city sprawls across the entire 'scape, forming a massive labyrinth of winding streets which the near mountainous terrain can force to be almost vertical in places. Illogical waterways flow any which way along the many slopes. Atop the central peak of the city sits a grand cathedral of a theatre, booming with a constant ominous orchestra that echoes off the walls of every building.

Theatre Black is moderately populated by figments, with a far below average population of Oneiroi. The most common nightmares are those of stage fright, with dreamers losing themselves to embarrassment in front of jeering caricatures of theatrical characters. However, the Theatre showcases far more sinister nightmares, feeding off of powerlessness and lack of control. That is, what it is to be scripted to a fate that is not one's own.