Majordomos of the Domain of Brasswork Sorrows

Shazak, Half Blooded Bastard [??? - 4/10/15]

-Died on the field of battle

-Known for his stealth capabilities and business ventures, as well as his concerning approach to magic.

Judas, Barghest, The Black Hound of Brasswork Sorrows, Baron of Lower Westside [4/17/15 - 7/3/15]

-Was killed by the Blackguard Alastar when she tried to betray the Domain for Akur-Zakir

-Best known for her abilities as a Tale of Terror

Tonka, Imp [7/10/15 - 9/11/15]

-Was assasinated by the Blackguard and Black Band in order to path the way for Ace to become Majordomo

-Best known for his laid back nature and his poor choice of messing with Pearl's heart

Ace, Trickster, Baroness of Little Moscow [9/11/15 - Current]

-Current Majordomo