Once the site of a great Nephilim hosting house connected to the city of Urusilim, Its original name has been long lost and it's ancient scriptures faded from the walls. Resh Khamere has recently unearthed the ancient Sidhe and has been slowly refurbishing the house into his personal library and domicile renaming the magical sidhe Enamzu, or the House of Wisdom.


Enamzu was once a sprawling estate, but time and negligence has crumble many of the hallways and passages. Now the Sidhe is only a few rooms, but those rooms are spacious in design.

Its not a home in the modern sense of the word, it the fragmented existence of a temple long forgotten by time. A sliver of what one might imagine the great Gardens of Babylon may have looked like.

Livingroom and KitchenEdit

The walls and ceiling are intricately carved stones of a warm gold color and many places are inlayed with ornate mosaics of multi-colored tiles and semi-precious stones, each wall trimmed at about waist height with what looks at first to be long troughs, but quickly become apparent that they are long water channels that run the entire perimeter of the sidhe, exotic colored koi fish silently gliding along their personal water canals.

Hanging ivy and other creeping and blooming plants hang from stone planters and cover large sections like great verdant curtains, the riot of natural colors breaking up the golden hues of the walls, and fill the rooms with a fresh air not often found underground.

The floors are perfectly smooth white marble tiles shot through with golden veins and are, as promised to many, warm to the touch.

he personal furniture present is a bit more modern, a plush sofa, a beautifully crafted hardwood entertainment center, and shelves upon shelves of books of all shapes and sizes.

Occasionally a cool breeze can be felt, and the crystal sound of chimes can be heard, but the source is never seen.

Resh's Personal QuartersEdit

The LibraryEdit

The OfficeEdit