Donald Magnus
Player: Scott
Fae Data
Name: Sodel
Age: 333
Tale: Artistry
Motif: Dwarf
Tribe: Findias
Mortal Data
Name: Donald Magnus
Known Aliases: Confidential
Ethnicity: Scottish
Age: 33
Birthday: Confidential
Zodiac Sign: Pieces
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 180
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Smith, Mechanic, Tech specialist
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Cannon house, Sidhe, Bikeshop, His barony
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Brother, Parents Deceased
Known Powers
Being the solution to everyones problems
Known Abilities
Big Brass Ones.
Dwarf clan hammer, shield, smithing tools
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Sodel Chainpalace/Donald Magnus


Donald is actually rather tall for a dwarf.   A result of his fatebinding with a taller mortal.  He stands at around 5'3" Hes has a long brown beared with red streaks that almost glow in the sunlight. Hes wider then he is tall.  Arms heavily muscled thanks to years working the forge.  Hes average looking though its hard to make out features beneath his long magnificent beared.   Donald tends to dress in the fasion of a biker or a shop owner.  Leather, Jeans, and Tanktops dominate his wardrobe.


Fae Edit

☀The dwarf Sodel was born in the city of Findeas in the mountain homes deep under the earth.  In his early years he showed quite the talent for all things smithing.  He was a stellar apprenticed to a master of the forge.  These times in his life were some of his best.  His master always encouraged creation of works of art and how function can make something just as beautiful as form.   His master was approached by a lord of war within Findeas.  The nobel made demands for sodel to work as a smith in defence of the realm.  ((placeholder for further editing later)) Edit









  • Honor:Not as honorable as some his breaking of his bond severed some of his connection to the principle of honor other dwarves would sooner die then go against.
  • Love:Donald has little appreciation for love. His experience is that its often fleeting and soft like gold. While deep lasting love is a resource most precious that it barely exists and is jealously hoarded by those who find it.

Beauty:Donald would sooner eat his own beard then destroy something beautiful.

  • Pride:Donald's pride is driven by his desire to refine his method to make an ore so pure as to be legendary. To that end sorcery is key.



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