The De Voorkamer is a premiere establishment for relaxing and enjoying the simple life. Complete with bakery, bar and barbershop the old world hospitality will wash the cares away.


In the International district at a place of traditional elegance. The old brick building stands three stories tall, and is has a wooden sign hanging from just above the door. As you enter the main door, you see two doors leading to other parts of the floor, a beautiful wood staircase leading up and black and white checkered floor. Old blue and white china plates are displayed within a beautiful wooden cabinet for visitors to see. On the wall just before the stairs, by the right hand door, is a old wooden block with a Dutchmen carven into it. Next to the dutch man cut into it, beside him are similarly etched rules of the house. The rules are,"Honor Family, and Family shall honor thee. He who does not respect the little does not deserve the big. Debts to the Family will be repaid thrice over. Fortune follows the courteous and polite."

Past the door to the left, is a old style bar with wood bar top, brass and mirrors, with all the class of the good old days too.


Antoine - The owner.

Carmen van Bellnson - The receptionist. Antoine's grandniece.