Blackguards of the Domain of Brasswork Sorrows

Montgomery Wormwood the Ogre, Godslayer [??? - ???]

- Died on the field of battle on xx/xx/xx as a result of wounds sustained.

- Best known for his heroic battle defeating the Godfae known as the Ox with no Heir.

Ronin the Dullahan, Assassin to the Queen [??? - ???]

- Retired after suffering life-threatening injuries during a failed assassination attempt.

- Best known for his work as an assassin for hire under the Unseelie Court's employ.

Urist the Dwarf [??? - ???]

- Retired due to differences in opinion regarding the direction the Unseelie court was taking. [citation needed] -DM

"Captain" Marche, [??? - ???]

- Died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head using a snake-eyes cursed firearm.

- Best known for his nautical and aerial misadventures.

Caius [???-8/31/2014]

-Died when pulled into Hell to protect others when the Samhain Tithe went wrong

Chiaru, the Black Bull, Revenant Baroness of Chinatown [8/31/2014 - 6/26/2015]

- Achieved final death after achieving the goal of her un-life's work: the destruction of the Red Flame.

- Best known for her fearlessness in battle and her protective habits towards those who could not protect themselves.

Alastar Connel, Cambion, Baron of Whiskey River, Duke of Murias (Unseelie) [7/3/15 - 2/12/16]

- Died on the field of of battle during the mission in Elysium.

-Best known for his calculative nature and ability to think clearly in battle.

Blake Reece-Darling, Incubus, Baron of Lower Westside, Duke of Murias (Unseelie) [2/12/16 - Current]

-Current Blackguard of the Domain of Brasswork Sorrows